IE9 Lets You Cut And Paste Tabs Between Windows

Amongst the big picture changes in Internet Explorer 9, there's also quite a few less obvious improvements. One neat feature for keyboard shortcut junkies? The ability to cut and paste tabs between different IE windows.

Just use Control-M to 'cut' a tab from one IE window, and Control-Shift-M to paste it into the other. As a keyboard shortcut junkie, you'll already be using Alt-Tab to switch between the windows. It's not a crucial feature, but it's a handy option for multiple tab junkies, and in an era where keyboard shortcuts are often ignored, it's good to see some new choices.

[via IEBlog]


    Bah...Chrome has had drag and drop tabs between windows for ages!

      +1, you don't even need to take your hand off the mouse to do it either..

      Wake up Microsoft. Maybe you should be putting copy and paste on your WP7 instead of in the desktop browser....

        You can also drag and drop tabs in IE. Not all of us want to use the mouse!

        Not disputing the WP7 point though.

    bah! two handed shortcuts are hardly shorter. I'd probably more likely press ctrl + L, ctrl + C, alt + tab, ctrl + T, ctrl + L, ctrl + V, enter!

      Having said that, ctrl + L is also a two handed shortcut

    Thx for that mate!

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