How To Encode Video For All Your Mobile Devices

How To Encode Video For All Your Mobile Devices

With H.264 solidly planted as the codec of choice for just about every mobile device, we’ve come to a point where you can encode a video once and play it back on pretty much any mobile device. Here’s how.

The Zencoder Blog offers up a bunch of profiles for multiple devices that will work with any encoder that can handle H.264 video. Here’s their universal smart phone profile:

audio_bitrate: 128 (or less)
audio_sample_rate: 44100 (or less)
size: 480×320
max_framerate: 30
video_bitrate: 1500 (or less)

That profile is designed to work on a long list of devices, such as nearly every Apple device since the iPod 5.5G, several Blackberry phones, every Android phone, newer PSPs and a few more for good measure.

Zencoder also offers up a number of other variations on the profile to offer support for legacy devices and increase or decrease resolution.

If you want to give these a try and are looking for a great, free, cross-platform encoder, be sure to download Handbrake.

How to encode video for mobile use [Zencoder Blog]


  • I use both MediaCoder and also Vuze to encode for my iDevices (iphone/iPad). These free programs both have excellent h.264 pre-set’s for these devices. Vuze is particulary handy in that you can batch process a number of files, encoded to the exact optimum device-specs of your choice.. (iPhone/iPad/iPod etc..) then it adds them into you iTunes library when finished. Vuze is essentally a torrent client, but I’ve never used that part of it, just the media coding features.

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