How To Encode Video For All Your Mobile Devices

With H.264 solidly planted as the codec of choice for just about every mobile device, we've come to a point where you can encode a video once and play it back on pretty much any mobile device. Here's how.

The Zencoder Blog offers up a bunch of profiles for multiple devices that will work with any encoder that can handle H.264 video. Here's their universal smart phone profile:

audio_bitrate: 128 (or less) audio_sample_rate: 44100 (or less) size: 480×320 max_framerate: 30 video_bitrate: 1500 (or less)

That profile is designed to work on a long list of devices, such as nearly every Apple device since the iPod 5.5G, several Blackberry phones, every Android phone, newer PSPs and a few more for good measure.

Zencoder also offers up a number of other variations on the profile to offer support for legacy devices and increase or decrease resolution.

If you want to give these a try and are looking for a great, free, cross-platform encoder, be sure to download Handbrake.

How to encode video for mobile use [Zencoder Blog]


    I use both MediaCoder and also Vuze to encode for my iDevices (iphone/iPad). These free programs both have excellent h.264 pre-set's for these devices. Vuze is particulary handy in that you can batch process a number of files, encoded to the exact optimum device-specs of your choice.. (iPhone/iPad/iPod etc..) then it adds them into you iTunes library when finished. Vuze is essentally a torrent client, but I've never used that part of it, just the media coding features.

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