How To Enable Google Instant On Chrome For Mac

How To Enable Google Instant On Chrome For Mac

Google Instant in Chrome is way more useful than it is on, but currently, you can only enable it on Windows. Reader Rob Johnson offers a simple trick for enabling Instant on Chrome’s latest dev release for Macs.

You can follow along with the process in the video above, or read the step-by-step below. If you want a preview of what Chrome Instant looks like, watch the video below.

I am quickly becoming a Google Chrome convert for Mac and have it set as my default browser on all my systems and platforms. I like the cutting edge features of the dev builds, but I’m not ready to plunge into the Chromium nightly builds for a default browser.

With the release of today’s version 8 for the Dev builds, I was upset to see that Google Instant was not available for us Mac users. So I did some homework and found out how to enable it in the Dev build for Mac. Here’s how:

1. Open Chrome and go to about:labs and enable at least one feature. (I enabled tabbed settings.) Then restart Chrome to apply the settings, then quit Chrome.

2. Open /Users/YOUR-USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Preferences with your favourite text editor and find the section that says:

"enabled_labs_experiments": [ "tabbed-options" ] ,

and change it to

"enabled_labs_experiments": [ "match-preview", "tabbed-options" ] ,

3. Save the file and reopen Chrome and BAM. Google Instant search for Mac!

Works like a charm. Thanks Rob!


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