Happy First Birthday, Windows 7

Windows 7, the Microsoft operating system that couldn't help but wipe away the sour taste of many Windows Vista complaints, is one year old around about today (give or take a day). Microsoft's official line is that they've sold 240 million Windows 7 licences, that it's running on 93 per cent of "new consumer PCs" and is the fastest selling OS in history.

Look back fondly on a year of Windows 7, and make it even better, with some of our previous coverage:


    Been using Windows 7 for a year, haven't regretted a single second.

    Happy birthday Windows 7!

    If you put your phone to your ear, you can hear Steve Jobs preparing to shoot down that claim in his next speech.

    Happy Birthday Windows 7. And don't share your private key at any parties you go to!

    With Windows 7's XP downgrade rights, there is no way to establish how many people have purchased Win 7 to run XP.

    Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can run an open source OS at absolutely no cost? Windows 7 is a great OS, but unless you need it to run some special proprietary software then you are wasting your money!

      Hi Ben, Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can run an open source OS at absolutely no cost? Because Windows 7 is a great OS as you said your self... Some open source OS's are good as well but I've found I spend far to much time messing around with things on open source OS's where Windows 7 is just nice and easy and just works unlike Vista did... As for "special proprietary" yes I run many many Windows applications as well which is another major reason I've gone back to Windows it's easy and with OEM licensing and Family licensing it's really not all that much for a great OS such as Windows 7....

      Mainly it really works well and supports 99% of applications I require and if support is required it's ALLOT cheaper to support a Windows OS compared to an upfront cheaper "open source" OS I've found in both cost and especially time!

      Windows 7 all the way!

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