Google Instant In Chrome Is Even More Useful Than On

Google Instant In Chrome Is Even More Useful Than On

If you’re keen on the as-you-type search results you get from Google Instant, you’ll really like Instant integrated with Chrome’s omnibox. Just launch your beta/dev/canary release, type about:labs, enable Instant, restart Chrome and prepare for some interesting browsing.

The as-you-type Google Instant integration is a nice step above and beyond Google Instant on the web, namely because “instant” now applies to whatever’s highlighted in the omnibox. That means, for example, when you arrow down through results in the omnibox, you could load a web page, a Google search page, or an internal Chrome page (like, say, about:labs. The instant result displays as a layer on top of your current page, and hitting Escape, deleting your search or clicking the ‘x’ button in the top left corner of the browser window. Check the video demo above of Instant in action on Chrome. It’s awesome.

Currently Instant only appears to be a Labs option on Windows beta, dev and canary releases, but you can expect to see it rolling out to all Chrome releases eventually.

[via Gizmodo]


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