Google Adds Two Android Navigation Apps For Visually Impaired

If you or someone you know would like to make Android's walking navigation more friendly to those without the requirement of a screen, Google released two apps last week that make it so.

As the Eyes-Free Android blog explains, there's a WalkyTalky app that launches directly into walking-friendly navigation and speaks the names of locations as you pass them, and an Intersection Explorer, that names the intersections as you come upon them, and tells you what lies ahead when you swipe a finger up, down, left or right.

Know of other handy Android (or iOS) apps for the visually impaired? Tell us about them in the comments.

[Eyes-Free Android via TechCrunch]


    So this begs the question: When will we see a "guide-dog" style app for Android? If Google can create self-driving cars, they should be able to create an app that uses the in-built camera to warn the blind of upcoming hazards and people.


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