From The Tips Box: Swype Shortcuts, PO Boxes, System Tray

From The Tips Box: Swype Shortcuts, PO Boxes, System Tray

Readers offer their best tips for getting extra buttons in Swype, getting mail delivered to PO boxes and moving icons in the Windows 7 System Tray.

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Learn Swype Shortcuts for Extra Buttons

Kz shares some helpful shortcuts in the Swype Android keyboard:

In Swype, slide from the tips button to the SYM button, or from tips to F and you get extra keyboard shortcuts, to selected/edit text.

This is a godsend for phones without a trackball — the first shortcut gives you some arrow keys, that let you move the cursor instead of trying to aim with your finger.

Make Websites Accept PO Boxes

Photo by Jeremy Burgin.

Dalembecker lets us know how he gets mail delivered to his PO box:

Being a college student, I only have a PO Box to have mail delivered to.

Sometime I come across websites that demand that you give them an address that is not a PO Box. You can trick the filters by putting the box number first:

Denied: PO Box 6458

Accepted: 6458 PO Box

This allows the form to be submitted and for the mail to still be delivered to you.

Depending on the reason a site rejects PO boxes, this could work really well and you could still get your mail just fine.

Drag Icons In and Out of the Windows 7 System Tray

Dschroeter shows us an easier way to move icons in and out of Windows 7’s expanded system tray:

In Windows 7, I always clicked the arrow next to the notification/clock area and then ‘Customize…’ to change which icons are hidden. Today I found you can simply drag the icons to and from the expanded window and the change is made in one motion.


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