From The Tips Box: Spotlight Web Access, Group Photos, Counting

From The Tips Box: Spotlight Web Access, Group Photos, Counting

Readers offer their best tips for accessing websites quickly, taking group photos and manually counting large numbers.

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Access Web Pages from the Keyboard with Spotlight

Chrisdenny1 shares a way to access websites from Spotlight with just your keyboard:

I prefer Mac spotlight to Quicksilver, but wanted to go directly to websites without first opening Google Chrome. So, I figured out that if you just drag the url to Finder, it will save it as a web location which is indexed by Spotlight. Just cmd-space, type your frequented website, Enter, and you’re there.

Take Blink-Free Group Photos

Photo by Urdarntootin.

Mattwigway lets us know a neat trick for avoiding group shots with closed eyes:

Got this one from a photographer at an event: to make sure everyone’s eyes are open during a group picture, have everyone close their eyes, count to three and have them open their eyes, then snap the photo a split second later. Chances are, no one will be blinking just a second after they’ve opened their eyes.

Count Using Word Syllables to Avoid Losing Your Place

Photo by Horia Varlan.

Flynn Siy shows us an easy way to count higher without getting confused:

For repetitive counting such as counting money, items, etc, it gets tiring after awhile especially if you are pronouncing the words by your mouth or in your head. Some numbers (within a one hundred for example) are very long such as Seventy Seven which is 5 syllables.

Instead of counting by pronouncing the words, try singing a song with a specific number of notes. Mary Had A Little Lamb, for example, has exactly 25 notes. To get to one hundred, simply sing this song 4 times. This tool is great for recounting stash of 100 pieces bills. Find other uses with this tip.

Use Touchpads Through a Napkin to Keep Your PC Clean

Curlymeatball38 tells us a good way to avoid getting food grease all over your touchpad:

If you’re eating greasy food and using your laptop, just cover you’re touchpad with a napkin or paper—your touchpad won’t get greasy, and it still works perfectly.


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