From The Tips Box: File Extensions, Vegetable Drawer, Tasker

From The Tips Box: File Extensions, Vegetable Drawer, Tasker

Readers offer their best tips for showing and hiding file extensions with a few clicks, and uses for your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer.

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Show and Hide File Extensions with a Single Click

Haxxy shares a few .reg files that will make toggling file extensions a cinch:

I love keeping my file extensions nice and hidden, and so do many of us. The one terribly annoying thing about this is that it is such a pain to change a file extension, since it doesn’t show up in “Rename” mode. I hate having to go into the Folder Options to change the “show file extensions” back and forth all the time, so I made these .reg files that do it with a single click. Just hit F5 or click Back and Forward afterward to give Windows a chance to refresh the file names.

You can download the Show File Extensions file here, and the Hide File Extensions file here.

Don’t worry, they’re safe. You can verify that with a text editor.

Works in 7, Vista, and XP.

Put Your Most Wanted Fridge Items in the Vegetable Drawers

iService tells us an easy way to keep from forgetting what’s in the vegetable crisper:

I don’t know about you guys, but without a window into my fridge’s crisper, I completely forget about everything that goes in there. Many a half-used head of lettuce, or scissored Italian parsley has turned brown and countless cucumbers have turned into disgusting puddles of water in my vegetable crisper… until now.

Like any other discovery, it happened completely accidentally. This summer, I was stocking the fridge with beer but I was completely out of room so I opened the crisper. It was empty and then it dawned on me, I’m never going to forget beer! So I stocked the drawer with beer and since then I’ve repeated the process countless times. The beer has never gone bad because unlike a celery heart with a pair of stalks missing, beer is unforgettable.

I hope this sparks an “aha moment” for someone else out there, it may just save you from having to soap up a smelly veggie drawer.

Obviously, if you’re not a beer drinker, this tip works for pretty much any item that you’re unlikely to forget is in your fridge.

Use a Separate Google Calendar to Run Tasker

Tinyboss shares another way to use Android automation tool Tasker:

If you use Tasker to automate your Android phone, try making a separate Google calendar called “Phone Control” or similar. Then in Tasker, you can tie all sorts of actions to particular events in your phone control calendar. It’s usually easier to set up repeated events in Google than in Tasker, and this way you have the best of both. Combine it with Voice Quick Add, and you can actually tell your phone “silence phone tonight at 2am” and have it happen just like that.


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