Rolls Out Australian Domain

2 Rolls Out Australian Domain

In our previous discussions of working as a freelancer, we’ve sometimes mentioned, an online exchange for matching up freelancers with businesses that need specific services performed. It has now rolled out an Australia-specific site with a domain. is actually an Australian-based site, but has previously concentrated on the US market. While the essentials of the service haven't changed with the introduction of the domain -- companies posting projects still pay $US5 for a listing, plus 3% of the fee charged by the project worker they select -- operating with Australian currency billing does eliminate exchange options.

One common concern with these kinds of competitive bidding sites is that pay rates can seem so low as to be unsustainable. We've recommended in the past that working for free is sometimes better than working for less than you're worth, and there's arguably not much point in trying to compete with someone charging cents an hour for work that requires real skill and effort.

Had a good or bad experience with freelance exchanges, as a worker or purchaser? Tell us about it in the comments.


  • I got my start as a freelance writer working with a similar site. I’ve read and reread the same “myth”– that these bid sites are low pay. I did not have that experience (although this was years ago now). I found companies (not individuals) willing to pay me a decent rate for writing and editing.(decent, as a beginner, being 80/hr US for proofreading work).

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