Enable Outline Mode In OS X’s TextEdit

Enable Outline Mode In OS X’s TextEdit

If you want to quickly jot down a few notes for later reference, opening up Microsoft Office is kind of a pain. It turns out there’s a secret outlining mode built right into TextEdit on the Mac.

You probably wouldn’t want to use it for more serious work, but having an easy, automatic outlining mode can be pretty handy for adding structure to your notes. In TextEdit, just hit Option+Tab to turn any rich text file into an outline. It works just like Microsoft Word’s outlining mode (or other similar office apps)—just hit enter to create a new bullet point with the same indent, and hit tab to indent the current point.

Again, it isn’t something you can’t get in other apps, but I try to avoid opening up heavy office suites like Microsoft Office (or NeoOffice, for that matter) on my Mac whenever possible, especially since none of them are Mac-native and they take a while to open. This is a pretty useful trick if you want to make a really quick outline for something.

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