Drag2Up Adds Drag-And-Drop Uploading To Any Text Field

Drag2Up Adds Drag-And-Drop Uploading To Any Text Field

Chrome: Drag2Up is a Chrome extension that adds image and text uploading to any text box by linking the drag-and-drop action to file uploading at Imgur and Github. Drag2Up embeds the file link right in your text box.

If you like the drag-and-drop simplicity of adding files to services that support it, like Gmail, Drag2Up adds the functionality to any text box. Image files are uploaded to Imgur and text files are uploaded to Github. A link to the file is pasted into the text box, ready to share.

The extension worked great during our tests, and we hope to see the author add functionality for other file types — Megaupload/RapidShare integration perhaps? — in future versions. Visit the link below to grab a copy. Drag2Up is free and works wherever Chrome does. Thanks antimatter15!

Drag2Up [Chrome Extension Gallery]

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