DokuWiki On A Stick Packs A Portable Wiki In A Tiny Package

Windows: If you've forgone installing a Wiki because configuring and running your own web server seemed like a pain, DokuWiki on a Stick packs DokuWiki into a tiny and portable package perfect for USB drives and Dropbox folders.

Rather than burden you with configuring web server settings, installing packages, and other sometimes frustrating tinkering, DokuWiki on a Stick packages DokuWiki with a MicroApache distribution (a slimmed down version of the popular Apache web server software). Unpack it, run the EXE file, and point your web browser at http://localhost:8800/ to start using DokuWiki.

Reader Dragonskin, who brought DokuWiki on a Stick to our attention, takes things a step further by skipping the USB drive installation and tucking DokuWiki on a Stick in his Dropbox account. Not only does it allow him to access DokuWiki wherever he needs to but he can share the DokuWiki folder for private but collaborative wiki editing. DokuWiki on a Stick is a Windows only and free repackaging of the DokuWiki software. Thanks Dragonskin!

DokuWiki on a Stick [Split Brains]


    In a similar vein, tiddlywiki exists as an HTML file and a java applet, and will work in any browser that supports Java. Cross-platform ftw!

    "share the DokuWiki folder for private but collaborative wiki editing" --- anyone have any idea how to do this?

    I've googled around but couldn't find any info.

    Does it mean to download the files to whichever desktop you're working on. Make you updates and then re-upload?

    Thx in advance.

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