DIY Desktop Combines Two Tables Into One Spacious Desk

DIY Desktop Combines Two Tables Into One Spacious Desk

When you’re looking for an expansive desk on-the-cheap and nothing fits the bill, join two desks together with some simple bracing and strategic leg placement for a spacious mega-desk.

IKEAHacker reader Tom, from Toronto, wanted a dual workspace setup that was spacious enough for both computer and analogue work.

My objective for my home office was to have two workspaces. One with a computer on it, and another that I could turn around to use that would be free of clutter.

For the clutter free workspace, I wanted as big a table as possible, so I went with the large size Vika Hyttan with the Vika Fintorp legs which is assembled according Ikea’s instructions (no hack, although you do have to drill holes for the legs for some reason).

For the computer workspace which would be against the wall I wanted, for visual and functional reasons, one that was wider and not quite as deep. Such a tabletop doesn’t currently exist that would match the other one I chose.

Putting two small Vika Hyttan tables side by side wouldn’t work since my computer would be in the middle of the table and the legs would be in the way.

So, I decided I wanted to combine two small table tops to make a workspace that would be the size I wanted.

For more information on the construction of the desk and the type of bracing used, check out the full post at the link below.

DIY Desktop [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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