Decreased Productivity For Chrome Hides Your Non-Work Browsing

Chrome: Last year we shared Decreased Productivity for Firefox with you, now the style-stripping and image-subduing of the original extension are available for Chrome. Turn websites into a mundane and camouflaged see of blue links and basic text.

Click on the image above for a closer look.

Lifehacker reader andryou ported Decreased Productivity to Google Chrome so he could enjoy the stealthy browsing he had become accustomed to in Firefox. Decreased Productivity strips web pages down to the bare bones. Background and stylesheet colours are removed. flash is disabled, and images are subdued — barely visible until moused over. You can toggle the images and flash back on (but in doing so you negate the main reason you'd use the extension, stealth browsing).

Decreased Productivity for Chrome is free and works wherever Chrome does.

Decreased Productivity [Google Chrome Extensions]


    Brilliant, simply brilliant

    Love it!

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