Declutter Your Task List By Asking ‘Where Does It Belong?’

Declutter Your Task List By Asking ‘Where Does It Belong?’

Asking “Where does it belong?” is a time-honoured mantra to help people clean up and organise their physical spaces. Applying it to your task list is just as fruitful in guiding tasks to where they belong.

Photo by Emilian Robert Vicol.

Technology and minimalism blog Minimal Mac highlights the power of asking “Where does it belong?” when confronted with your task list.

Want to make your task list more powerful? Ask that question of each task. Sometimes the answer is “as an immediate action”. Sometimes the answer is “on a context specific list” or “broken into smaller chunks”. Sometimes, the answer is “as part of a greater project or goal”. But, sometimes, the answer is “with someone else” or “done at some future date” or “not done at all”

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