Daily Todo Is A Simple To-Do Manager For Recurring Tasks

Daily Todo Is A Simple To-Do Manager For Recurring Tasks

There are lots of awesome, simple web tools for your task lists, but Daily Todo focuses on helping you manage the items in your day-to-day routine.

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Daily Todo [via One Thing Well]


  • This post exemplifies why I disapprove of the cloud.

    Not only can this been done in a text editor – it would be safer, cheaper, less polluting, more reliable and depending on the software you use, simply nicer.

    Cheaper – your are not transmitting data.

    Less polluting because a text file doesn’t require an GLOBAL NETWORK of computers just for it to work.

    More reliable because the internet is so much more physically complex than a computer, it could break at anytime.

    Safer in that some dodgy web site admin won’t know what your doing today. There is no TOS link on the front page of this website. So not only has the user not agreed to anything, the user has no idea how admin might use their data.

    Adam, just from you posting this I can assume these things about you from your todos – You probably prefer a packed lunch, you do your email first when you get to work, you eat your lunch after 2pm, you are organised, are a twitter user, may potentially be engaging in copyright infringement activities and possibly have a quoted internet service. Again, these are assumptions – I am not accusing you of anything. But do you see how a little data CAN be a big thing.


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