CyanogenMod 6.1 RC Brings Improvements To Rooted Android Devices

If you've rooted your Android phone and chosen to run the all-around great CyanogenMod ROM, you can download the latest update for beefy performance enhancements, as well as new features in Email, Camera and other apps.

It's only a release candidate at the moment, but it's certainly stable enough to use as your day-to-day ROM, just like the 6.0 Release Candidates were. As usual, the biggest parts of this ROM are the performance boosts and the little things that just make life easier — like adding a touch-to-focus feature in the camcorder, continuous autofocus in the camera, a quick PIN unlock and other cool features. It also boasts an updated Email app and, if you're a Nexus One, Desire or Supersonic user, FM Radio support. Hit the link to check it out for your device, or hit up ROM Manager for the latest version. And, as always, check out the changelog for the full list of changes, as there are many.

CyanogenMod 6.1.0 Release Candidates [CyanogenMod]


    I do hope use of the term "rooted" for gaining root access to Android phones wanes. I can't help but read "rooted" as the traditional Australian euphemism for "broken". (Especially with headlines like "CyanogenMod 6.1 RC Brings Improvements To Rooted Android Devices".)

      That's not the euphemism I was thinking of.

    Great new update. Props to everyone involved.
    Camera seems to be more stable now. Nice to see the sound recorder is now functional :)

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