Curiosity Is Unwise When Malware Is Involved

Curiosity Is Unwise When Malware Is Involved

Criminals who write malware generally rely on users not realising their intentions, and often go to elaborate lengths to make fake sites and software look legitimate. But there’s a secondary group of users afflicted by malware: those who get told a site or application is dangerous but can’t resist looking to find out just why it’s dodgy.

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Peter Baxter, VP for strategic technologies at AVG (one of our favourite security tools), highlighted the issue during a media tour of Australia last week. Apparently, one of the more common reasons for calls to its help centre are people who have been warned that a given site is dangerous but who decide to click on to find out just what is dodgy about it:

People click on risky stuff because they’re curious. What’s even worse is when they say “do I need to be worried about the fact I put my credit card into a site you guys had flagged?” Obviously, the answer is yes.

While you won’t necessarily get infected if you’re following good security practices, this definitely seems like a case where curiosity isn’t worth it.

To avoid getting caught by dubious sites, check out our guide to protecting yourself against drive-by malware.


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