Create A Shared Gift Registry Using Google Docs

Create A Shared Gift Registry Using Google Docs

There are plenty of dedicated gift registry sites, but they can be hard to customise to your tastes and they often require everyone else to sign up. Lifehacker reader Paul got around that by using a shared Google Docs spreadsheet.

Paul writes:

I am getting married next year and also about to move into our first house together. So we decided on going with a gift registry gift list for our engagement party. We didn’t want the guests to be restricted to just Myer, or whatever store it was going to be, and didn’t want them to be restricted by price.

So, we created a Google Docs spreadsheet with a list of all the items we needed for our house, with no prices, brands, quantity or anything. Just “Kettle” and “Toaster” etc. This way people can buy what they can afford and they can even buy the gift on eBay if they want to. I have created a note at the top of the spreadsheet saying that once you have decided on the gift you want to buy, to delete it from the spreadsheet so no-one else will get the same gift. The spreadsheet is open so that anyone with the link can edit it, and I used a URL shrinker to give it a sensible name, which was listed on a separate piece of paper,with the main invite.

To be honest, I was a bit sceptical that anyone was going to use it, or even use it correctly, but so far it has worked great. We get the gifts we need/want and it basically rules out getting the same gift more than once. We are so happy with it, and have received such good feedback that we are probably going to do a similar thing for our wedding. This solution has worked perfectly for us, and seeing as we are first home buyers we don’t need the most expensive stuff – just something to start us off.

Google already offers a bunch of wedding planning templates, and this sounds like another sensible nupital use of its technologies (assuming most of your guests are basically tech-literate). If you’re not sure what should be on the list, Lifehacker readers have some interesting ideas. Thanks Paul!


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