Create A DIY CPU Housing With An IKEA Helmer Filing Cabinet

IKEA's Helmer filing cabinet is no stranger to computer hacks, but most recently it's found a purpose in life as a computer cabinet for one IKEA hacker's desktop PC.

Home and Technology blog Unplggd highlights how Albert Law created a computer case out of the IKEA Helmer filing cabinet:

Rather than building that last four drawers for the Ikea Helmer, Albert Law used a pair of drawer tracks to connect the drawer fronts (which actually consist of both the drawer's fronts and backs) together to create a single door piece. In order to further keep the drawer panels from moving around, he connected them together with four silver joints.

The back of the case is open and provides ventilation for the machine.

If you've ever built a Helmer filing cabinet before, you probably know this hack looks about as simple as building Helmer as he was intended to be built. The filing cabinet has lots of convenient places to attach things, so creating a hinged door ought to be pretty simple. And, as an added bonus, those drawer handles could be very useful for managing your cables.

How to Turn Ikea Drawers into a CPU House [Unplggd]


    I think the "silver joints" may be hinges!

    I've done this myself, but I just took the bottoms out of the drawers and kept the sides so it's not a door but still drawers.

    Keep in mind these cabinets are well over $100 and a pretty expensive way of hiding a computer tower.


    CPU housing? Did a grandpa write the article?

    One word come to mind when I see this casing...


    1980's filing cabinet for a 1980's computer

    I quite like to do this kind of thing, but far simpler - if you strip a computer of it's case, all the components will strap handily into an average desk drawer. If you're okay with self-mounting it, the only issues are airflow (if you do it with, say, a laptop with a broken screen it's not an issue), and leaving enough cable slack at the back so you can still pull the drawer out.

    No tower, easy access to the internals for screwing around with it, and makes you desk look nice...and leaves you with two more usable drawers than in this example.

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