Consume Tracks Mobile Phones, Broadband And Much More

Keeping track of how much mobile phone credit or wireless broadband downloads you have left can be fiddly. Consume lets you monitor those — and a bunch more — directly from your iPhone.

Consume is the latest app highlighted in our sibling site Gizmodo's excellent iAppalooza series on iOS apps. It can track more than 107 Australian services, including mobile phones, broadband usage, frequent flyer programs and even Dropbox. For each service, log in with your user details and you'll get an up-to-date, accurate usage tracker.

Consume is a free app for iOS devices only.

Consume [via Gizmodo]


    Ive been interested for a while on how I can consolidate particular data from some of my 'life' services onto my custom homepage. How easy is this to do and how would one go about it?

    hope to see an android version soon

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