Call Confirm Adds A Confirmation Dialog To Prevent Accidental Calls

Call Confirm Adds A Confirmation Dialog To Prevent Accidental Calls

Android: If you find yourself frequently dialling contacts by accident on your phone, Call Confirm adds in a simple confirmation dialog to double check you really want to dial the contact in question.

Call Confirm is a simple app that aims to decrease the number of accidental calls by adding in a simple “Do you really want to call?” dialog, followed by the contact information in question. For many people the extra confirmation should be enough to catch their attention or prevent a second bump to the phone’s screen. Repeated pocket diallers should probably set up a lock screen code to keep their phone secured against accidental dialling.


Call Confirm is free and works wherever Android does. Download it by scanning the QR code at right or by searching the Android Market for “Call Confirm”.

Call Confirm [AppBrain]


  • This is one of the best apps on the market in my opinion. Simple, no fuss, no problems and does what it says well. Particularly good when you’re learning your way around your Android phone, as things are so integrated and touching on a contact in one app suddenly leads you to dial them on the phone before you realise it. Not any more with this app! Should be a standard option as part of the system.

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