Cable Baskets And Decluttering: A Home Office Makeover

Banishing cable clutter, slapping on a rich coat of paint, and swapping out your old particleboard office furnishings for new and stylish ones goes a long way towards turning a ho-hum home office into a stunning one.

Lifehacker reader JClishe had outgrown the limited size of his desk, was tired of his only storage being an old bookshelf across the room, and was ready for a change. He emptied out the room, repainted it, and brought in fresh furniture including some great cable baskets from IKEA and a triple monitor mount from Ergotron. Check out the before, in-progress, and after pictures in the gallery below.

Cable Baskets and Decluttering: A Home Office Makeover [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    How are all the components mounted to the underside of the desk? (and is it relatively undoable when you replace things?)

    a thing of beauty! i use cable baskets but i had not thought of mounting routers and hard drives under the desk. brilliant! i love the 3 monitor bracket too. that would set you back a bit but SO WORTH it!

    burn that the monitors dont mach tho .....

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