Build An FM Bug For Cheap Eavesdropping And DIY Electronics Fun

Useful electronics projects are a great way to learn new skills. Today we highlight a handy DIY guide for turning old radio parts into an audio bug that transmits on FM frequencies.

DIY electronics blog LucidScience has an easy to follow — if lengthy — tutorial on harvesting parts from an old radio to build your own simple FM bug. When you're done you'll have a simple variable-adjustment FM bug with enough broadcasting power to transmit a signal several rooms away.

As far as audio bugs go, this one falls on the low-power/bulky side of things and should serve more as a fun exercise in learning circuitry rather than a rock-solid eavesdropping tool — for easier concealment and a broader frequency range be prepared to bust out your cheque book. Visit the link below for a detailed build guide including additional photos and video.

Build a 2-Transitor Spy Transmitter [LucidScience via Hack A Day]


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