Build A Skateboard Out Of Wooden Waterskis

If you've moved away from waterskiing-friendly areas, or just want a cheap way to make a cool, personalised skateboard, the guys at Fuel TV's Built to Shred show us how to craft a longboard out of a wooden waterski.

If you have waterskis lying around, that's great, but you can probably get a good wooden pair at a garage sale pretty cheaply. Most of the project is pretty easy, involving only simple screwing, unscrewing, and a bit of drilling, though to actually shape it you'll need a band saw or something similar. Overall, it's a cool way to give your board a personal touch, and save some money in the process (hey, skateboards aren't cheap). Hit the link for the full instructions.

Building Skateboards Out of Wood Waterskis [Instructables]


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