Build A Concealed And Vented Cat Box For Odour-Free Litter

The best cleaned litter box can never smell as fresh as a litter box with its own ventilation system. Check out this detailed build complete with timer, external vent and concealed litter box.

Lifehacker reader Fred Beck wanted a litter box for his cat that was out of sight, odourless and easy to clean. To achieve this end he built a cubby for the litter box in a bathroom drawer and connected it to the bathroom vent stack. The setup traps litter (no clay grit on the bathroom floor), and more importantly traps odour. Fred found that he didn't even need to use the timer to activate the ventilation fan; there was enough draw up the vent stack to pulls the odours out without creating a nuisance draft.

Check out the full build at the link below for a detailed look at how he used his bathroom remodel to conceal the litter box and neutralise the odour. For more ideas on building a self-venting litter box, check this previous build we shared with you that is just as functional but definitely not as concealed. Thanks for sharing Fred!

Built-In, Self-Venting Cat Box [Instructables]


    ..or just order the Kitty Litter Quitter ( one flush and you're done!

      The litter kwitter does have problems though... some cats will still scratch the toilet seat trying to bury it, and also most visitors are rather surprised to find a large cat poo floating in the toilet bowl :/

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