Brew Simple, No-Electricity Drip Coffee With A Chemex Coffeemaker

If you liked the Perfect Brew Cone we highlighted last week, but want something nicer-looking than a plastic funnel and capable of brewing more than a cup at a time, the Chemex coffeemaker is a manual drip coffeemaker.

Photo by Anders Carlsson.

Financial blog Wise Bread sings the praises of the simple and elegant looking Chemex coffeemaker:

Chemex coffeemakers quietly entered the coffee-brewing world in the late 1940s.

Invented by chemist Peter Schlumbohm, Chemex brewers are made from heat-resistant Pyrex glass. Short of a drop kick or bar fight, they're indestructible. The conical shape of the top portion of the carafe, together with a special paper filter, removes sediment, oils, and fats from your final cup - no bitterness, no grounds, perfect every time. The narrow neck of the carafe fits your hand perfectly and protects it from the hot surface by a band of wood secured with a leather strap. A subtle groove molded in the glass serves as a spout. Just remove the filter and grounds in one disposable package and your brewer becomes your carafe.

If you're looking for a plastic-free, durable and simple brewing method, the Chemex coffeemaker ensures you get a hot cup of coffee as long as you've got access to coffee and hot water. The Chemex six-cup coffee maker retails for $US37, with price variations according to how much bigger or smaller you want the carafe.

Chemex 6-Cup Coffee Maker [Amazon via Wise Bread]


    "We are not able to ship this item to your default shipping address."


    Amazon is utter crap for these things. Why on earth can't you send it to Australia? It's a bloody glass flask, hardly any copyright issue or importation laws to worry about there. It's a pretty simple process, You put it in the same box as you would if you were to send it anywhere in the US, but this time you include the word "AUSTRALIA" in the address label. Hopeless!

      A fairly common reason for this kind of annoyance is that the distributor who supplies to Amazon only has rights to specific territories (say the US). Irritating if the product doesn't actually have Australian distribution anyway, but these kind of territorial tie-ups remain pretty prevalent.

    Just buy a pour over filter thing.
    All you need are filters, the ceramic or plastic dripper, ground beans, hot water and a cup!

    something like a 'clever coffee filter'
    a Hario drip filter or similar...

    I got mine at Veneziano in Melbourne. They look classy on the dinner table.

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