Boarrd Is A Customisable Information Board For Your Project Team

Boarrd Is A Customisable Information Board For Your Project Team

Boarrd is a simple but highly customisable dashboard to keep your project team updated on the status of your projects and other relevant information like RSS feeds, social networking updates, schedules and more.

With Boarrd you can create public or private status boards which feature a variety of widgets including custom RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr streams, local weather, event calendars, and GitHub open issues and top committers. Boarrd developers are currently working on enabling custom widget creations via XML so users can completely customise their widgets.

Boarrd is a free service with basic registration required. Like the idea of a status board and want to implement in your physical workspace? Check out how to stay motivated at work using a status board for tips on setting up a physical but digitally controlled board in your workspace. Thanks Matteo Giaccone!



  • I wonder if it’s a result of this article that’s stressing their servers. Love the idea of this, but can’t seem to get further than sign up. Nothing else will load. Hope I remember to go back in a couple of days and try again.

  • This is actually pretty well timed for me. I spent a few hours yesterday knocking up a simple proof-of-concept display board, to show management that a live tally of stats on the wall/web can be pretty useful to keep around.

    of course, mine was far simpler – a stripped-down wordpress install, set to post anything that arrives in a set email account. Pretty much every database/weird-government-program we have at work can send email, and it seems to work vaguely well..just looks a bit like a twitter feed, on an old 32″ tv mounted sideways.

    but these graphs…these graphs are very tempting indeed.

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