BitDefender Safego Keeps A Security-Minded Eye On Your Facebook Account

Facebook is where seemingly everybody is these days, so it's also where an increasing number of malware, spam links, and other bad stuff is headed. Facebook app BitDefender Safego monitors links, watches your privacy, and acts as a personal Facebook bouncer.

After authorising the app, BitDefender gets to work scanning your account for bad links. Friends' links, messages, apps you have installed—everything it can look at gets analysed, and if someone's trying to take advantage of your social profile, BitDefender lets you know. It also provides a peek at your relative privacy level, and lets you know if you're letting things into public that you might not have been aware of.

BitDefender Safego is a free app for Facebook, requires authorisation to use. For a similar approach, check out Norton Safe Web.

BitDefender safego on Facebook [Facebook]


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