Australian Android Developers Can Now Sell Apps Through The Market

Google has finally removed one of the most annoying restrictions for Australian Android developers: not letting them sell apps through the Android Market. That should mean a much wider range of apps targeted at local users (though we're certainly happy to keep taking free apps when they appear). [Android Developers Blog via Android Australia]


    I can only hope that Google starts caring about us users that get "Server Errors" when trying to pay for applications.

    Free applications download fine.

    Paid apps were purchased and downloaded fine for the first month and a half - now "Server Error".

    I'm not the only one - many, many, many people have this issue - have a look at the Google Marketplace forum. Take care - they are ANGRY.

    I'd love to buy some Australian apps - let's just hope the issues gets fixed, or I can download a trial "free" app and pay for licenses through PayPal and get a serial number to unlock the app.

    Rant over.

    I need a good local coffee app for Melbourne!

    maybe the Melbourne Coffee Review please?
    like the iphone one

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