Android Manager WiFi Is A Computer-Based Sync And Phone Manager

Android Manager WiFi Is A Computer-Based Sync And Phone Manager

Android/Windows: Android Manager WiFi is a Windows-only wireless android management tool for easy file syncing, file browsing and application management.

Android Manager WiFi is a free tool for syncing your Android phone to your Windows PC without tethering it via USB. From within Android Manager WiFi you can sync your contacts, messages, photos, videos, music and more. In addition to syncing it offers a high level of interactivity. If you’re not a fan of browsing for applications on your phone, Android Manager WiFi offers easy browsing and import from the Windows client. You can also browse received messages and send them from your desktop.

Android Manager WiFi is a free application suite that requires a Windows PC and an Android phone. Visit the link below to download a copy.

Android Manager WiFi [via Addictive Tips]


  • This is awesome! I like it, but actually I upgraded to Syncables version 7 recently which basically takes a lot of these features from just between your Droid and your PC to many computers. I can sync the same pictures taken on my Droid instantly (over my local network) to each of my computers (it works between PC’s and Mac’s as well), which backs them up as well as making them instantly accessible on whichever computer I’m using. I’m much more organized now, and I can also upload media directly to Facebook, Flickr, etc. from within Syncables.

    Google is crushing it. These features are great, my money’s on Google in the open vs. closed, Google vs. Apple war going forward.

  • Tried it and the quality is of a alpha/beta software. Cannot edit all the fields of my contacts, annoying speaker beeps every click, connection loses in the middle of the sync etc..

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