Add Your Signature To Word’s Clip Art Collection

Adding a scanned signature to a document is the easiest way to sign it. Tech blogger Helen Bradley explains how you can add your signature to the clip art collection in Word 2010, making access to your signature a simple search away.

The process involves using Office's Clip Organizer, which has a rather dated look compared to the ribbon-heavy 2010 look but gets the task done. You can always add signatures to template documents, and the Insert Picture option is OK for very occasional use, but having a signature on hand in your clip art can be convenient. Hit the link for the full walk-through.

Word 2010: Add your signature as a clipart image [Helen Bradley]


    An easier way is to set up your signature image as an AutoCorrect entry (it isn't restricted to text). Then at the appropriate place you could just type, say, "sig" and your signature image will appear.

      I don't like the idea of this from a security standpoint. Would anything legally binding need to be original signatures?

        IANAL, but electronic documents are legally valid in most contexts.

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