Add Some Extra USB Ports To The Inside Of Your Mouse

We've mentioned ways to add a flash drive to the inside of your mouse, but if you'd like a bit more versatility, DIYer Gigawatts shows us how to add a few extra USB ports to your mouse instead.

The general idea is the same as putting flash storage in your mouse: all you need is a USB hub and a mouse with a bit of extra room on the inside. Gigawatts actually cut his USB in half to fit, then soldered the mouse connection onto one of the USB hub's free lines. Then, you can route the Hub's cord out of the mouse and into the computer, providing you with a few extra ports to plug in flash drives, Wi-Fi dongles or small SD card readers. Hit the link for a full guide.

USB Hub Inside a Logitech Gaming Mouse [Stupid Hax via Hack a Day]


    A mouse doesn't strike me as the ideal peripheral to plug USB devices into.

      Haha I was just about to say, wow the only thing I can see that being useful for would be to plug in a wireless mouse dongle for a mouse into itself, then I realised it would need to be corded anyway...doh!

      This article is pretty much the definition of pointless. :\

      He butchered a USB HUB, to make a RETARDED USB MOUSE HUB. ...

      Am I the only one left thinking he would be better off just leaving the hub in place O.o

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