Add Favourite Sites To Spotlight For Quick Launching

Add Favourite Sites To Spotlight For Quick Launching

The Spotlight feature on Macs is a true time saver for finding files, launching apps, and otherwise jumping wherever you need—except your favourite bookmarks. Unless, that is, you’ve stashed a few sites away with this handy tip.

Reader chrisdenny1 notes that if you drag-and-drop your most-visited URLs into a Finder window, Spotlight will index them and, when pulled up and activated, launch them in your default browser. So open your browser to a site you’d like to have quick access to, grab the URL (either by its address bar icon, or by highlighting and dragging the entire URL itself), then drop it into a folder somewhere on your system. A folder in your Home directory makes sense—maybe “Favourites” or “Favourite Sites.”

Name the links that result from your dragging whatever you’d like for quick access. Now, when you Command-Space into Spotlight search, you can type in your bookmark name and launch it in a move that’s sure to embed in your muscle memory.

Favorite site access from Spotlight [#tips]

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