ABC Warns Bluebird AR Viewers About Security Breach

If you registered for the ABC's Bluebird AR interactive drama earlier this year and used a password you also use elsewhere, you might want to consider some cleanup work. A security breach on the ABC site means the data may have been visible to others.

The ABC has emailed users of the site with the following message:

This email is being sent to you from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and regards a breach in the display of user information for the recent online drama, Bluebird AR (

It has just come to the ABC’s attention that between Sept 9 and October 4 this year, an error in migrating files meant that the email address, username and password you entered when registering for the Dashboard Collective were available to view under certain conditions.

Specifically, one of the text files associated with a downloadable version of the Dashboard Collective Adobe AIR application, which was available for download from the Bluebird AR Open Archive website ( included the email address, username and password you entered when registering for the Dashboard Collective.

As soon as the ABC was made aware of this error, we immediately removed this information from both the website and downloadable application. Whilst the exposure to these details is considered low, we would advise you to change your user credentials (eg shared passwords for other sites), as appropriate.

The ABC sincerely apologises for the breach in privacy arising from this incident. Please be assured that this is an isolated instance and does not affect any other ABC services.

As ever, the big lesson is to use different passwords on every site you access. (Disclosure: Lifehacker carried advertising for Bluebird earlier this year.) Thanks Brad for the tip!


    Oh come on, when will developers learn that it's NEVER okay to save a password in plan-text ANYWHERE, no matter how secure you think your system is *facepalm*

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