Zune Home Is A Simple, Attractive Launcher For Android

Zune Home Is A Simple, Attractive Launcher For Android

Android: We’ve featured other Android home screen replacements before, but if you find the traditional home screen too cluttered, this Zune-like launcher is a simple, pretty alternative.

The Zune interface is pretty popular for its good looks, and if you’d like the same attractiveness on Android, Zune Home is a pretty good replacement. It’s just a simple, customisable list of apps from which you can launch just about anything. It’s a bit confusing when you first launch it, though — none of the items on the list have assigned apps; you have to assign them yourself. Just hit the Apps section and long press on an app to assign it to a menu entry. If there isn’t an appropriate entry, you can also pin it to your Quicklist, which will put the app’s icon on the left side of the screen.[imgclear]

Other than the app menu and a convenient weather reporter in the corner, though, there isn’t a ton to this launcher quite yet — the developer is still working on it, so it’s likely we’ll see more features coming soon. If you want to simplify your home screen, though, this is a pretty easy way to go about it.

Zune Home is a $US0.99 download for Android devices.

Zune Home

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