Xmarks Bookmark Syncing Shutting Down In January 2011

Xmarks Bookmark Syncing Shutting Down In January 2011

Xmarks, the bookmark syncing service formerly known as Foxmarks, announced today it will close its doors and delete its users’ data on January 10, 2011. There are other browser syncing services, but none with the cross-browser popularity of Xmarks.

We first saw Xmarks back when it was Foxmarks, and even then, it was an impressive service that simplified a process that could be done, but in geeky fashion. Then it went on to add selective bookmark syncing, password syncing and eventually became the full-fledged Xmarks, with support for the other three major browsers and a few new social-ish search enhancements baked in.

Those search enhancement features never really took off, though, and while Xmarks is currently hosting bookmarks from roughly five million computers for two million users (and adding an estimated 3000 accounts on a day like today), the firm has struggled to find a money-making service or offering to support the staff and servers. More importantly, as their blog post points out, each of the major browsers offers some kind of synchronisation service now — though none with the kind of cross-browser reach that Xmarks enjoyed.

Xmarks has put up the crucial information on getting your bookmarks out and migrating to other services on its Shutdown page. The short of it: the service and servers will be up until January 10, and Xmarks promises that it won’t be selling or monetising its users’ bookmark data — in fact, it all gets wiped after shutdown. We welcome your memorials, comparable service suggestions and other takes on bookmark syncing in the comments.

Xmarks Sync to be Discontinued [Xmarks]


  • It’s disappointing to see a good webservice shut down. I wonder why they didn’t go with the same model as lastpass, I would have paid.

    Maybe they could merge with lastpass (one can dream), or open source all the code they have and change it so you don’t need the xmarks server.

    Are there any crossbrowser alternatives?

  • Well that’s dissapointing. I would have happily paid $1/month like LastPass for such a universal and ubiquitous service. I use it everywhere, everyday… for now.

    Will have to check out an alternative.

    Strange why they couldn’t come up with some sustainable business model with over 2 million users.

    Perhaps they were hoping to be acquired by Google or MS, or some other deep-pockets tech company, and it never panned out, so they cracked the sad’s and went home instead.

  • Release the code! Opensource it! Lets us remember Xmarks ALWAYS by letting individuals use it via their own means! It’s not a mass online storage pot, but at least it would make a difference to the little man.

    When my work (5000+ staff) is unable to backup peoples bookmarks because they just dont care, I told my clients about Xmarks and you should see the amazement and joy they get out of self managing just a little tiny piece of the IT puzzle!

    Miss you already Xmarks =(

  • Damn. One simple and elegant solution to an awkward hassle bites the dust. Hopefully Goog will do something along the lines of Calendar Sync and take it’s place.
    RIP Xmarks.

    Suggestion: can we have an Ask Lifehacker about syncing? Between Multi Browser/Computer bookmarks (PC/Mac) and up to Android/iPhone.

    Also Contacts syncing is one I haven’t got yet. Mac to Android is easy via Goog, but can’t find a simple work friendly sync to Outlook.

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