Why You Should Use Adblock Extensions, Even If You Don't Block Ads

Whether you block internet ads or not, Adblock Plus is a pretty handy Firefox extension. Not only can you use it to block offensive material, rickrolls and other unpleasant things, but Lifehacker reader Dave Farquhar lets us know that it also blocks malicious software.

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Ads on the web can be all kinds of annoying, but some people prefer not to block every internet ad they see — after all, it is how most websites (including us here at Lifehacker) make their money and are able to keep pumping out content for free. Even if you don't block ads, though, it may be worthwhile to install Adblock Plus for Firefox, if not only for its malware-blocking powers.

You won't see it on the list of ad filters when you first install the Adblock extension, but a few folks have created a filter that maintains a listing of domains used for spreading spyware and malware. It started out as a tool for DNS servers, but has since been converted to a filter so those using Firefox could take advantage. Hit the link to read about it and subscribe to it, and don't forget to install Adblock Plus first if you haven't already.

Blocking Malicious Sites with Adblock Plus


    ok, where's the link but?

    Can't seem to find the link. Forgot it?

      Sorry, my fault. I've updated the post with the link.

    which link?


    Nothing is as effective as running a HOSTS file. It blocks almost every type of ad and malicious website known to man and re-routs the connection before you connect to it.

    Talk about double standards on LH ! Angus Kidman blocked my reply on using flashblock.js for Opera browser user's, about six months ago. Fair enough.

    So now it's open slather on how to block the LH ads ?!

    I'm suprised someone at AOL doesn't start kicking in some heads...

      John -- a few points: we've run many posts about Adblock in the past, I'm not the only person who approves comments, and I wouldn't block a post just for discussing ad blocking technology. And what does AOL have to do with it?

        Meant to say Gawker but read a post on AOL buying TechCrunch beforehand & my head superimposed stuff...

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