What’s Your Favourite Workspace Timesaver?

What’s Your Favourite Workspace Timesaver?

It’s a week full of workspace timesavers here at Lifehacker, and we’re wondering about the items in your own little corner of the world that make work faster, less annoying or just plain awesome.

Image via USB Geek.

Whether it’s something as universal and simple as the endlessly useful binder clip or something far more detailed and specific to your workflow, we’d like to share your personal productivity revelation for the greater good. We’ll be sharing our own favourite workspace timesavers this week, but our readers are where most of our great workspace and clever use posts come from.

So drop an explanation or link to a photo in the comments.


  • Get off your chair!
    Sending an email across the room is a ridiculous waste of time. Stop being so paranoid that you have to document every request in an email- and go back to the timeless system of honour where you are true to your word and hold people to theirs.

  • I work at a helpdesk with call logging software, and Insight Solution’s Shortkeys really helps speed up notemaking, as well as loading summarised checklists of troubleshooting tips. It takes awhile to set up, but once its done, it makes the job go so much smoother.

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