What You Can Expect From iOS 4.1, Upcoming iOS 4.2

What You Can Expect From iOS 4.1, Upcoming iOS 4.2

Today Apple announced iOS 4.1, addressing many bugs (like iPhone 3G performance) as well as bringing new features like HDR photography, HD video upload and TV show rentals. Additionally, Apple previewed iOS 4.2, bringing this and more to the iPad.

Apple’s targeted many bugs in the new iOS 4.1, primarily aiming to fix issues with the proximity sensor, Bluetooth and the iPhone 3G’s sluggish performance. On top of these fixes, a few new features made it into the mix. Additionally, Apple’s releasing iOS 4.2 which will bring these updates, plus a few extras, to the iPad. Here’s what to expect.

iOS 4.1

The iOS 4.1 update focuses on photos, videos and games, bringing automatic HDR photography, TV show rentals, the new Game Center and HD Video upload to your iPhone.

  • HDR PhotosCreating high dynamic range photos has been a popular photographic technique that combines three exposures to create a single image with a greater amount of detail in the highlights and shadows. Apple’s added HDR photography to the iPhone’s camera in 4.1, letting you create HDR images automatically without any of the hard work in post.
  • HD Video Upload Over Wi-Fi – Previously, apps were required to upload HD video from the iPhone. Apple’s made the change in iOS 4.1 to allow HD video uploading over Wi-Fi, removing the annoying cap that required sending your HD video in standard definition.
  • TV Show Rentals – TV shows have always been available for purchase in iOS devices, but now you can rent them to save a little money and storage space on your device. (Though this isn’t an option in Australia yet.)
  • Game Center – Like the XBOX Live of iOS, Game Center provides APIs for developers but is also a new app on the iPhone (available soon via the App Store). You can play with friends, inviting them with a push notification, or be randomly assigned to other players when your friends aren’t available.

iOS 4.2

Apple is finally bringing the features of iOS 4 to the iPad. Multitasking, app folders and other features iPhone users have been enjoying for months will be available in November. iOS 4.2 brings a few new features as well. Here’s what to expect:

  • Wireless Printing – While there are a few third-party apps that bring printing functionality to iOS devices, Apple’s building printing functionality into iOS itself. Print Center will live in the multitasking drawer and let you choose printers and manage print jobs wirelessly from your iPad.
  • AirPlay – Formerly AirTunes, AirPlay is taking over wireless streaming on iDevices and will let you stream audio, video and photos over Wi-Fi. Along with the new Apple TV, you’ll also be able to shift streams between your devices so you can, for example, finish watching a TV show or movie on the go.

A September Apple event isn’t without its new iPods and other hardware. Check out all the new stuff at Gizmodo.


  • Does anyone know what kind of performance boosts they are expecting for us still stuck with a 3G? Hopefully it goes more than from barely-usable to just-usable. I’d like my life back. If I have to continue waiting 20seconds to switch from Contacts to Mail, I’ll top myself.

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