Wex Explains Legal Terms For Non-Lawyers

Wex Explains Legal Terms For Non-Lawyers

Wex is a community-edited legal dictionary and encyclopaedia that can break down topics like landlord-tenant law into reasonably understandable bits. With the addition of a great plain-English law dictionary, it’s an even better resource for getting a quick read on legal-ese.

Whether you’re trying to get a better understanding of what just happened in a case you’re following or trying to better comprehend just what your lawyer is purporting to do for you, Wex is a great place to start poking around. Relevant cases and decisions are cited and linked from its articles, and the Nolo plain-English definitions are attached to articles wherever possible, offering a faster scan of TROs, Alien Tort Statutes (not as fun or tasty as they sound) and all those Latin phrases tossed around. It’s US-centric, but a potentially handy reference if you’re digging into the nitty-gritty of a Stateside legal case.

Wex is a free resource for anyone to use. Legal experts can sign up from the home page to contribute or edit pages.

Wex [Cornell University Legal Information Institute via ResourceShelf]

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