Watch A Demonstration Of The World's Fastest Shoelace Knot

The time-saving technique of crossing two loops known as Ian's Knot gets the video treatment it deserves through a promotion for US carrier Sprint. Whether you "Save four days of your life" depends on how adaptable your fingers are to this speedy knot.

It takes your fingers a while to unlearn the method you've used since early childhood. If you can train yourself, though, you get a knot that's fast, provides tidy loops that sit perpendicular to your shoes and you've always got an ice-breaking conversation starter.

Sprintcuts: Speed-Tie Your Shoes [YouTube via Geeks are Sexy]


    Clearer method, learnt it last week.

    I've been using this not for about a half year now. It's one of the fastest things I do now. No longer do I have to make sure I have a spare 2 minutes to put my shoes on. They go on and are tied within a few seconds.

    I just leave space to slide my foot in.

    wow i learnt this a year or so ago, but I stopped using this and compeltely forgot about it until just a moment ago.

    The only laces I tie are on my volleyball shoe, and I tie them in a specific way so the shoe holds my foot exactly the way I want.

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