Vodafone Offering Extra 1GB Of Data With Android Phones

Vodafone Offering Extra 1GB Of Data With Android Phones

We know Lifehacker readers love Android, and Vodafone appears to be doing its level best to leverage that kind of love with an extra 1GB of data for 12 months on all Android phones it sells.

A reader pointed out the extra data deal when we ran our latest Android Planhacker table, but Vodafone now has all its current Android phones neatly wrapped up on a single page, which makes it worth pointing out specifically.

While the extra data makes some of the cheaper monthly deals seem more attractive, bear in mind that it’s only on offer for the first 12 months of a 24-month contract. If you signed up for the $19 a month LG Optimus package, for instance, you only get 100MB of data a month in the second year (and that’s after Vodafone’s recent increase of data on its cap deals).

To put those plans in a broader context, check out our full guide to postpaid Android deals.

Vodafone [via OzBargain]


  • no point really… their coverage sucks big time – my plan got upgraded to 1gb but i never get a reliable data link so i barely get past 400mb a month! (and i live in metro area and work in CBD)…

    I’d rather they keep lower limits but improve network…

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