Use Sugru To Fix An Exposed Laptop Power Cord

Use Sugru To Fix An Exposed Laptop Power Cord

Sugru is a strong, sticky, flexible, adaptable substance that’s perfect for improving and patching your favourite stuff, including laptop power cords that tend to lose their sheathing with standard use. An Instructables user shows how to re-wrap your cord at the brick.

The “fix” is pretty simple, really, and only requires a bit of precision in applying the Sugru to your cord break in just the right way, then the patience to let it sit, unbent, for about 24 hours. Once that’s done, the Sugru now bends and protects as if it was always part of your power supply.

Sugru goes for $US9 a packet of six packets of 5g each.

Repair an Exposed Wire with Sugru [Instructables]


  • Sugru isn’t available in Australia that I can find, and according to their site it’s kinda exy, which is a pitty cos I’d like to get some, I’m always fixing and tinkering. 🙂

  • I had 2 packets, which i got as a free sample from an industrial designer. I used it to make a landscape desk dock for my Samsung Galaxy S. AWESOME STUFF. I’ll find out where to get it in Australia and post again.

      • I’d really love to use it to repair worn handheld scanner cables. At the moment, the only option seems to be to replace the cable with a new $80-a-pop cable, so relatively speaking sugru would be an option that’s a LOT cheaper! I’d just love to find out if we can get it in Australia yet?

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