Use A Pen To Re-Thread A Drawstring

If you need to re-thread a drawstring, a pen makes an excellent probe to push the string back through to the other eyelet with little risk of damaging the fabric.

Photo by lululemon athletica.

Parenting website Boston Mamas shares the following trick for re-threading drawstring pants:

A friend suggested taking a pen with a pocket clip, looping the elastic band or drawstring cord around the pocket clip, and threading the pen through the seam, pen tip first. It works like a charm. I'm literally able to fix drawstrings in under a minute. Now if only I could get my laundry done that fast.

If you're worried about damaging the fabric, selecting a slender pen with a well-rounded cap is an excellent middle-ground solution between the time-tested pushing-a-safety-pin method and jamming a stiff length of wire into your clothing — we'd definitely skip the part about using the exposed pen tip to push through the drawstring sleeve. Have clever trick for repairing your clothes on the cheap? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Drawstring Solution [Boston Mamas via Parent Hacks]


    A safety pin will do the same job. Pin the safety pin to the draw string and thread through the pants.

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