Unhearit Gets That Song Out Of Your Head With A Catchy New One

Unhearit uses a fight-fire-with-fire approach to getting annoying songs out of your head by barraging you with new and catchy tunes.

Visit Unhearit, click the New Song button and Unhearit kicks out a catchy tune. We were dubious about its ability to crank out catchy song after catchy song, but after repeatedly clicking the New Song button we realised that each new song was catchy enough to make us forget about the prior tune. The repertoire of the tool is impressive too, in the course of our testing we heard the Super Mario Bros theme song, got Rick Rolled and heard some excellent music from a 40-year time span.

On top of just spinning up new songs for you, Unhearit includes quick sharing via popular social networks and the ability to download the new songs you discover via the service. Have a favourite tool for getting a pesky song out of your head? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Unhearit [via Waxy.org Links]


    *sigh* It just played 'What is Love' four times in a row.

    You'd have to be pretty anal if you need an app to stop a song in your head man :D

    Mario song five times in a row followed by Spice Girls four times in a row :(

    Haha, I was playing with this last night. The first song I got was Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". I was like, "craaaaaap"


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