Trip Elated Offers Nothing But Positive Hotel Reviews

Trip Elated Offers Nothing But Positive Hotel Reviews

It’s not difficult to find travel review sites detailing everything that sucks about a hotel you’re considering booking for your holidays. Trip Elated takes the reverse approach, only offering reviews from people who have enjoyed their stay and are happy to spread the word.

While there’s nothing wrong with taking a sunny outlook, this approach seems fraught with problems to me. Virtually any kind of hotel involves some kind of trade-off between pricing, location and facilities, and enthusiastic gushing doesn’t necessarily help when you’re trying to work out how to strike that balance. Such an approach would also potentially make it easier for hotel owners to cheat by offering their own positive reviews, with no alternative comments to emphasise any issues.

Is offering the “best of the best” a useful approach, or would you rather have a range of views on offer? Tell us your take in the comments.

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