Tomatoes And Capsicums Are About To Get Expensive

Tomatoes And Capsicums Are About To Get Expensive

Earlier this year, a massive number of tomato and capsicum plants in Queensland were poisoned in what appeared to be a case of deliberate sabotage. That reduced the available crop for tomatoes and capsicums, and we’re about to see the impact with higher prices.

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The ABC reports that price rises have now began to filter through to Brisbane’s wholesale fruit markets, with one buyer predicting that costs could go up by $2 to $3 a kilogram for tomatoes. Might be time to come up with some new variations for your favourite salads.

Noticed a change in prices for these items at your local store, or are you still picking up market bargains? Tell us in the comments.

Bowen crop sabotage puts the squeeze on prices [ABC]


  • Australia should open up its food markets to better quality imported food.

    Ozzie farmers are protected and don’t have to face international competition. They rip off the consumer.

    • Grossly unfair on Australian farmers. I’m fairly sure there are very few (if any) agricultural subsidies or import tariffs remaining in Australia today. There are certainly plenty of imported fresh foods in my local supermarket. Garlic is one example I can think of that is almost universally imported (China, Argentina, Mexico).

      Aussie farmers ARE subject to international competition and if the Australian consumer is getting ripped off it’s due by the Woolworths/Coles duopoly, who are likely also hurting producers even more.

    • OzOzu. You are so wrong to think that the growers are ripping you off. Woolworths and Coles are ripping off the growers and consumers. Imported fruit and vegetables from some countries may contains chemicals banned in Australia. Maybe it adds to the flavour for you. I’d rather buy the local stuff.

    • When I peruse my local supermarket aisles all I find is imported goods. I do not want my fruit and veg travelling for days to get to me. I don’t want my food to have HUGE amounts of carbon miles (that is the amount of CO2 released due the amount it travels to get to my table) and I want to know that my food is fresh without hormones used to stop it ripening and not grown with pesticides/herbicides that are illegal here. I have seen huge amounts of chemicals being sprayed all over rice plantations in a visit to Vietnam, and know that DDT is still being used in some parts of the world to get rid of pests on crops.

      It is not just the cost in terms of money that you need to think about when shopping, but also the cost of your health and the environment. Maybe you should try growing your own vegetables and realise the effort and resources that goes into growing a few tomatoes.

    • As a Queensland Grower of Tomatoes, Zucchini & Capsicum & Vegetable Merchant let me just say this:-

      1. Australian Farmers in Bowen have lost over 100 Million dollars due to cheap pricing and over supply over the last 5 years.

      2. Australian Growing standards and techniques are of some of the highest quality in the world.

      3. Importing Produce from places like China should not be allowed seeing that they tend to use illegal chemicals and also use (Human) feces as fertilizer. For anyone who would like to try this go and buy cheap Chinese Garlic.

      4. For anyone who thinks that a Farmer would poison their own crop is just utterly stupid.
      The after effects of a poisoning such as this will have lasting effects for the next 5 years (Soil contamination)

      5. Prices will also Sky rocket after Bowen and bundaberg received over 10 inches of rain in one day on Monday.

      6. At the rate that Growers in Australia are going broke due to Supermarket wars and low prices, we should all thank our lucky stars that we still get to enjoy some of the best quality grown produce in the world. One day when its gone we will all miss it!

    • lol Pu Koh lucky you’re not a politician you would have the press at your door for the next 24 hours!!

      How is this LH news anyway?
      Angus you could have at least provided a link to a “grow your own” article to make this relevant to LH.

      • One of Lifehacker’s major themes is living your life more efficiently. Knowing that a food staple is going to go up in price definitely fits in that remit, I reckon.

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