This Bundled Packing Method Fits More Clothes With Fewer Wrinkles

While you have a few choices as far as efficient packing methods, YouTube user eviltommy demonstrates one of our favourite space-saving packing methods: the bundled wrapping method.

The instructions (lay all your clothes out flat, hanging out of the bag, and then fold them on top of one another) can be a little confusing; the above video illustrates it in a way that's much simpler to understand. The tension invoked by this method not only saves space but reduces the chance that your clothes will wrinkle. Check out the video for a demonstration, and while you're boning up on your packing skills, check out website OneBag for more great packing tips.

Pack Like a Pro [YouTube via Consumerist]


    Thats my entire wardrobe right there!

    On the downside, it's virtually impossible to retrieve a single item from the suitcase in that method (except maybe the thongs). You have to unpack *everything* to remove *anything*.

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